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How We Help

Illegal Dumping in our Communities

The focus of this VPSA Project is to rebuild and help the community with the cleaning up of waste in the dumping areas where people live.


VPSA Addresses Communities

Voice of the People South Africa took this opportunity to address communities about their grievances. It is unbelievable how they are still suffering from so many problems and challenges. Our communities are struggling, and they are most affected by joblessness, poverty and hunger.
Many problems affecting communities have been addressed, were raised by man and woman including the youth. They all believe there is no way forward, but Voice of the People South Africa we said every problem there is a solution.

The community asked many questions some of which we could not answer because we are just an independent organisation bound by the rules of the organisation.

The impression we have from the residents is very positive, they have shown their support in big numbers and appreciated the services we provided them: The VPSA Waste Management and Disposal supported by National Lottery of the Republic of South Africa to assist the disadvantaged and those voiceless people. The community wants this project to continue also in many societies.
Our campaign is transparent and is for job creation.

For more information Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Job Creation

Research shows that more than 40% of our population is unemployed

We have a great vision to help uplift man and woman in disadvantaged communities through practical job skills training.


VPSA Solution to Road Accidents

Voice of the People South Africa discovered that there are huge problems with our traffic lights on South African roads, this causes a lot of traffic especially in our big cities like Johannesburg. A lot of accidents caused by fault traffic lights, in our research the organisation saw the need to support and capacitate the company that is servicing our traffic lights.

The organisation intends to make a huge difference in our community roads, this is a serious contender for job creation and the opportunity requires support from stake holders. Employment among the youth will increase, VPSA will train them and start providing these services on our roads. We have seen motorists getting involved in many accidents leaving other people dead or critically injured.

Voice of the People South Africa will help reduce accidents, fatalities and traffic by speeding up the process of repairing faulty traffic lights in our city and communities to save lives of thousands of people per year who die in road accidents. By repairing them in time means that we will also reduce the number of accidents and traffic as this causes a huge problem due to lack of services. The organisation has unemployed youth waiting for this opportunity.

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Voice of the People South Africa would hereby create this opportunity of writing/painting, mounting new or replacing our community street names that are missing and not visible. Street names are important to everyone, as it stands right now our survey with people in communities shows many roads in our societies have missing street names, local people and tourists struggle to find the directions. Some people get lost because there are hardly any visible signs of street names in our communities.

South Africa now has countless tourists coming into the cities rather than into the communities in the outskirts because of lack of good signage. This organisation has done a lot of research and found the need for funding to replace the street names missing in our local roads. VPSA will make them look beautiful and visible.
It is common to read and see how our youth are under siege with drugs, alcohol and gangsterism, Sadly, we are unable to help them not only out of the scourge of drugs but also in terms of sports development. We at VPSA – Voice of the People South Africa have been in consultation with the communities and would like to fight the scourge of drugs and this could be done through various sporting code.

The first one is soccer for boys and girls, we do require some funding towards sporting equipment, kits, transportation, food for matches, first aid and vehicles. An awareness initiative around embracing our sporting heritage can challenge the epidemic of poverty. Unless we take sports development seriously, the fight against the scourge of drugs, poverty, gangsterism will remain elusive. We can produce best soccer players for both boys and girls in South Africa.

About VPSA

VPSA is a Non-Profit Organization registered as such, with the Department of Social Development. Registration number 106-422-NPO

This organisation is informing all the People on the ground to come forward with their grievances affecting them daily, our team is out there to assist communities to fight poverty by helping create jobs and self-sustainability. Voice of the People South Africa believes millions of people are affected by hunger and poverty, they have no job opportunities.

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