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South Africa in crises of all issues on the ground affecting millions of the people day by day 

This is an unprecedented day by day issues of South Africa that brings the country to its kness as government failing to ingage the public and address major problems to avoid strikes. Our leadership is for who do you know or those who have the money what about the poor of the poorest it means they will suffer to dearth.
South Africain government cares for themselves not the people who voted them into power. What is democracy and who are those enjoying it, people have no protection from government justice is not working it work for those with the money and known government is causing people to suffer, in South Africa is expensive people thrive for a better living. I think its time for people to turn things around South Africa need leadership for all that will allow to involve the public for decision making.
Vpsa will call meetings and engage the people who need to express their thinking and make their voices be heard you do not call people to attend meetings to vote for you to remain into power and continue to steal from the poor and get away with it our time is coming soon.
Voice of the people South Africa , Service Delivery Campaigns need to call meetings and engage the people on the ground about their opinion, views and issues. November 2015 the governor increased repo rates with 15% what about the people employed how will they manange inflation we have army and police they do not have voice who should voice for them these our heros without them, we could not be alive or invaded, they have families to support.
Vpsa has the solution but it will remain confidentiality until the organization have legs to move, Vpsa wishes to open its office national we need funding to manage our campaigns and spread our Voices as we believe we are one nation and together we can transform South Africa into a democratized country, people have the power. We have major problems of jobs creation water, food, accommodation, electricty transport is very high government do not care about the people on the ground. 
They care about themselves and their families, there is no job creation nothing is attracting investors they know the country is in crises  crime is high police are getting killed on the line of duty or off duty what is done about it the government is doing nothing  they spend more time aurguing in the parliament about their personel matters pointing fingures to each other.
If South Africa is a free country lets share equal power and give our youth with creative ideas that will help people on the ground. Vpsa, we have been writing to the presidency of RSA for five years the response is the same thank you for your letter to the honourable his excellence President of RSA Mr Jacob G Zuma the response will be sent in due couse or the matter is under way for how long should we wiat to meet with the president to present this concept its fascinating our plan is to work with the government to make their work much easy to access informationneed they need in all areas is vital and can be used by any government departments.
We have been aslo writing letters to the office of the premier Mr David Makura we wanted to meet with him and present our idea opportunity was denied and the response is the same its not convincing and we have writen morethan five letters to the  mayor Mr Parks Tau he is very ignorant he never responded to even one of our letters we think his leadership must desolve. 
Vpsa we have a question why the Gauteng mayor spend money advertising his face on bill boads how much  budget and how can he spend money to advertise on billboards they re people spend a day and night without food. we think its unpropriate spread Voice of the people South Africa, Service Delivery campaigns this organization cares for you all one day it may transnform itself into a democratized state" Viva Vpsa we are One Nation" After Darkness light will come" God bless RSA.

Where decisions are made!
We declare Voice of the People South Africa is not affiliated to any political party or any organization we are an independent organization to represent all people on the ground to make their Voices heard. They have become disillusioned, frustrated and angry. We are here to listen and help you to ensure that your concerns and frustrations are addressed .

 These are some unanswered questions? 

There is no service delivery from government departments. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. There is no respect for human life anymore. Fathers rape their daughters and criminals they get away with, in South Africa corruption is rulling. Those who do not have money, they go to jail and those with money they are friends of corrupt leaders working in the government sectors, report to us we will help you no fear. The youth has lost their respect for the elderly, Service delivery issues escalating people are killed and nobody is held accountable, politicians are running out of excuses, they lie to cover another lie on top of lie and a theif will be always a thief watch out Mzansi. 

We as the Voice of the people South Africa, Service Delivery Campaigns we are ready to deal with all these issues as faster as we can. Report today visit our behind scenes page fill in your details send to us we will contact you.


ANC calls for multi-party approach to end Cape gang violence

On Tuesday last week, a nine-year-old girl, who was raped and set alight in Delft two months ago, died in hospital


This is a serious issue and must be dealt with urgently, what is government doing??


Madonsela attacks endanger democracy

Thuli Madonsela’s report on the Nkandla scandal is turning into a constitutional crisis. As Trevor Manuel has argued, the ANC’s strident criticism of Madonsela is turning into an attack on our democratic architecture. Manuel’s position on economic questions has been seen as seriously problematic by many. But no one ever said Manuel was not a democrat. When a figure like Manuel warns, as he has recently done, that the ruling party is moving away from democratic values we all have to stand up and listen.

Images of the president being booed are doing irreparable harm to the ANC’s image. The consequences of the Marikana massacre are still unfolding, but it is clear this massacre marked a turning point in the ruling party’s moral authority. But it has been Nkandla, more than anything else, that has damaged Zuma’s standing.

The ANC will, of course, win this election, but with a radically reduced majority. If things carry on as they are it is not impossible that the ruling party may struggle to remain in power in 2019. And the party faces a real challenge not only at the polls. Popular protest is escalating to extraordinary levels and is running at levels not seen since the height of the mass mobilisation in the 1980s.

In a country deeply divided by race and class Madonsela has emerged as an impressively unifying figure. She is respected from the shacklands of Durban to Sandton, and by black and white people. She has won real respect for her hard work, the efficiency with which she has run her office, her impartiality and her courage in taking on powerful figures and interests. She also runs an office we can believe in and, therefore, offers a vision of a democratic state that really works.

The ANC that brought Zuma to power is the same party that did more than any other to liberate us from apartheid. It has a great and noble history. But if the interests of one man continue to be put before the interests of the country, the ANC will go down in history as just another liberation movement that failed in office.

If the attacks on the public protector do continue, and it becomes clear the ANC would rather attack the messenger than take the message seriously, our democracy and the ANC will be seriously damaged.

 -The question that will shape all of our lives is how the ANC responds to its rapid decline.

Numsa wage agreement signed: Amplats

Anglo American Platinum said it signed a wage agreement with the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) on Thursday, ending a six-week wage strike, although there was still no end in sight to a longer walk-out by larger union Amcu.

The agreement will see wage increases of up to 8.5 percent for the members of Numsa. Amplats spokeswoman Mpumi Sithole said there was “no indication” as to when the Numsa members would return to work.

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) is still on an 8-week strike that has cost companies and workers billions. Anglo American Platinum said it is working towards reaching a solution that is affordable and one that satisfies all stakeholders, but acknowledges that the revised wage demands by Amcu remain unaffordable.

-With inflation on the rise every year, large corporations still don't want to increase wages accordingly, how many times must workers strike for fair and equal treatment?

Vavi suspension case delayed

Suspended Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi's legal challenge to his suspension will be heard next week instead of on Monday. The case was initially set down in the High Court in Johannesburg for Monday but would now be heard next Thursday and Friday, Vavi said on his Twitter account. "Please note the judge president shifted my case against illegal suspension from 17/18 to 27/28 March."

Vavi was suspended last year after he admitted to having an affair with a junior employee. She initially accused him of rape but did not lay charges with police. On February 13, Vavi's spokesman John Dludlu said Vavi was discussing the possibility of legal action against the Congress of SA Trade Unions and an auditing firm. "He is consulting with his lawyers to determine what course of action to take against both the firm and Cosatu," Dludlu told Sapa at the time.

On February 12, the Mail & Guardian reported that Vavi intended suing Cosatu and Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo for defamation after the release of a damning report against him. The report by the firm found irregularities relating to the purchase of a new Cosatu building and selling the old one.

Besides the selling and buying of Cosatu's old and new buildings, the auditors also probed a possible conflict of interest concerning Vavi and his stepdaughter. She was employed by a service provider which was doing business with the trade union federation. The service provider, VMS, provided technology for the fingerprinting system, among other services, at Cosatu's new premises in Braamfontein.

The auditors also found a conflict of interest with regard to the business partnership between VMS and Vavi's wife. Vavi opposed the report, saying he was not afforded the opportunity to comment on it.


Nkandla Report Draws Front Page Commentary

Editorial Comment in Thursday's newspapers ranged from Afrikaans Daily Beeld calling president Jacob Zuma a "national scandal". The New Age was questioning the roles of "other" key staff in the presidency. Voice of the People  South Africa also added, "The government's actions should not affect its people who voted them into power.

VPSA, Service Delivery Campaigns is in full power to engage with all government departments and Non Governmental organizations to discuss issues of Service Delivery Campaigns and all other affecting the people on the ground, together with the funders of our Organization ''Will Deliver Services Nation Wide" and we will make our Voices heard.

All people you are invited by the President of VPSA Mr SD Nkomo to support this organization. This is your platform for  to air your views and deal with all issues affecting the people on ground. Viva VPSA "After Darkness Light Will Come" thats reality and everyone knows.  

Together we can transform South Africa into an effective democratized state.

The consumers are the most affected by the increase of petrol, food also raises the quetion is, how people will afford to pay for e- toll fees, license discs, public parking, taxes, school fees, electricity, rates and taxes, rents, water, I think it should be governed the same as repo rates to follow into commodities. When the economy is not producing jobs? millions of people will suffer.  Do you believe the Government is doing enough to help the consumers to manage a better life for all? Yes or No is the answer. If the government do not change its leadership, South African cizens will suffer major effectes as rand wickening, food and electricity prices increases.  


The president of Voice of the People South Africa, Service Delivery Campaigns blame the Government for poor  management of the country with its leadership 


Checkout our latest question of the week on our SMS page email us the question you wish to be posed on our website. Email: president@vpsa.org.za


You are party of this organization that fight for your rights, the destitute, the poor, the vulnerable, and the disenfranchised. If you understand and support this organization financially, please feel free to contact us on our call centre line, or simply just chat to us on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

Visit our new website now. www.vpsahome.org

E-toll application dismissed


Cape Town - An application to declare the e-tolling legislation unconstitutional and invalid was dismissed by the Western Cape High Court on Thursday. "The application is dismissed. The parties shall bear their own costs," Judge Owen Rogers said.

He said the Democratic Alliance, which lodged the application, would have 14 days to file an application for leave to appeal his judgment. The DA approached the court after the Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendment Act was passed into law in September last year. The amendments allowed for the collection of electronically recorded tolls and the implementation of the electronic toll-collection system.

The DA had argued the amendments were unconstitutional and invalid because they had not been passed according to what it deemed to be proper procedure, which would be with input from the provinces.

The DA's legal team had argued that the amendments to the Sanral and National Roads Act had knock-on effects for provinces. They had argued that the amendments had not made vital and substantial changes to provinces and had therefore been tagged correctly.



This week's question:












Motlanthe and Manuel bow out


Cape Town - A visibly emotional Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe bid farewell to MPs in the National Assembly on Tuesday, along with National Planning Minister Trevor Manuel. Motlanthe wiped tears from his face at the end of his farewell speech, when MPs gave him a standing ovation.

A United Democratic Front activist, Manuel served first as trade and industry minister before becoming finance minister in 1996, a position he held until 2009, when he became national planning minister. He will be leaving Parliament after 20 years of serving in Cabinet. Both are bowing out of public life – neither of their names featured on the ANC 2014 election candidate lists.

ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa begins talks with Sudan


ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will on Wednesday begin efforts to facilitate peace talks between warring factions in South Sudan. Ramaphosa has been appointed by President Jacob Zuma as Special Envoy to the conflict-ridden country. Fighting started in the world's youngest country on December 15 last year when President Salva Kiir accused his then Vice President Riek Machar of mounting a coup. International Relations spokesperson, Clayson Monyela, says Cyril Ramaphosa has enough experience to be involved in peace-making efforts.

"Firstly there is a level of confidence from them that South Africa can be trusted as a mediator mainly because of our moral authority on the issue of dealing with conflict and reconstruction, based on our experience as a country. We are trusted because people know we have the experience that we can share with them that they can learn from. And Ramaphosa as you know was central to the process that lead to South Africa's first elections. So he really will be sharing those experiences as President Zuma's Special Envoy,” says Monyela.



Release of Nkandla Report Mostly Welcomed


Political parties and bodies mostly welcomed the release of public protector Thuli Madonsela's report on upgrades to president Jaacob Zuma's Nkandla home.

South African Protestors Continue in Anger


Voice of the People South Africa - Service Delivery Campaigns plans to engage with the government to discuss protestors' issues affecting the country.VPSA found thousands of people protesting for Service Delivery issues promised and not delivered by the government. No implementation has been done. VPSA has a strategy to deal with these issues pertaining to Service Delivery.

Police lower their guns after the Massacre in Marikana . Miners were striking requesting triple their salary in a pay increase from Lonmin in Rusternburg   on August 16, 2012.

Police have declined comment on testimony at the far-lam commission of inquiry that a police air wing" commander was asked to take the blame for the deaths of 34 people in Marikana shooting.


"Everything to do with Marikana massacre is being dealt with by commission.

At least 78 Miners were also wounded.


In the preceding week 10 people , including two policemen and two security guards were also killed in the strike violence. These issues will remain in the heart of the nation, Voice of the People South Africa, Service Delivery Campaigns is appealing to the government to take full responsibility of Marikana massacre and Who should protect the police? and the public?




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Leaders & Revolutionaries

ANC undertakes not to undermine Nkandla report


A call for President Jacob Zuma's impeachment was a premeditated decision by opposition parties, the ruling party said on Thursday.

African National Congress secretary general Gwede Mantashe said the opposition had decided to call for his impeachment prior to the release of the Nkandla report by Public Protector Thuli Madonsela. "The call by some opposition parties for impeachment is a premeditated decision," Mantashe told reporters in Johannesburg.

He said the biggest problem with the cost security upgrades at Zuma's Nkandla home in KwaZulu-Natal was "inflation of prices". "This project is a sample to say we should look at whether prices aren't inflated in other areas."

All officials involved "must be brought to book" and all funds acquired inappropriately must be paid back, said Mantashe.
Mantashe said the ANC did not intend to undermine the validity of the report. "We are neither intending to ignore or undermine the validity of the report. There is no such intention within the ANC."

The ANC was "relieved" that the report had "finally been released to the public". But the timing of the release of the report remained a concern "in terms of the disruptive effect" it would have on all political parties in their campaigning ahead of general elections in May, said Mantashe.

Madonsela released the Nkandla report on Wednesday, saying Zuma should have asked questions about the scale, costs, and affordability of security upgrades which could end up being as much as R246-million. She found that Zuma and his family unduly benefited from upgrades.

Why should Zuma be allowed to make such expensive upgrades to his home and also gain financially from it?


Oscar Pistorius' denied that he murdered his girl friend Reeva Steenkamp was not made because he believed that the crime scene had been tempered with, the High court in Pretoria heard on Wednesday.


A pleaded not guilty because what I' am accused of did not happen" said Pistorius prosecutor  Gerrie Nel had asked him how he selected his plea when he appeared in court last year after shooting Steenkamp died in his toilet on valentine's day.


Pistorius said he thought that there was an intruder in the bathroom when he fired four quick shots from his fire arm .


The state alleges they had argued and that her dearth was premeditated.


Pistorius said he did believe that the bloodied scene at his house in Pretoria was tempered with and that counsel would present to testify to this.


Nel defined the word tempering twice for him at this request" it is you' changed something on the scene with the intention to let it look different.

Pistorius said according to his legal counsel there had been tempering , disturbance and contamination on the scene.


People were in the house with out protective clothing , Steenkamp' s iPhone had been moved , according to police photographs taken of the scene , a fan had been unplugged , curtains had been opened and discs had been moved.


He has anything that was changed would bother a person involved in such serious case.


A detective who was among the first on the scene , warrant officer Hilton Botha was removed from the case and has since resigned from the police .


Be the first to know and voice your concern, your view and your opinion send SMS NOW!!   



EFF, DA lay criminal charges against Zuma


The Democratic Alliance (DA) has laid charges of corruption against President Jacob Zuma. This follows Public Protector Advocate Thuli Madonsela report on Zuma's Nkandla home, which has found that Zuma and his family have unfairly benefited from some security upgrades at his residence.

The party's national spokesperson Mmusi Maimane led a DA delegation to Nkandla, where the charges were laid at the local police station.

Maimane says the DA is determined to ensure that Zuma accounts personally for what he deems corruption in the Nkandla matter.
"We have laid eight charges of corruption against President Zuma. These are charges that are focused on the fact that the President and his family benefited privately from the upgrades that took place in Nkandla. We have also highlighted the fact that Zuma has appointed an architect that also benefitted and ultimately in that process it is defeating the ends of justice," explains Maimane.

In Pretoria, Economic Freedom Front (EFF) leader Julius Malema laid a charge of corruption against Zuma at the Sunnyside police station. He was accompanied by senior party members Floyd Shivambu and Dali Mpofu. EFF supporters waved placards outside the station while singing anti-Zuma slogans.

-Will justice prevail or will Zuma get away scot-free yet again

CAPE TOWN - Parliament is clamping down on MP's who don’t pitch for work.


New rules adopted by parties will see them lose their seats if they are absent from 15 plenary sessions in a row. MPs will also be fined if they miss committee meetings without good reason.

During the State of the Nation Address, there was not an empty seat in the house. But once the real work began, attendance figures appeared to plummet. Now, Parliament officials will tighten the screws, monitoring MPs’ attendance to sessions in the house and committee meetings.

Once the new rules are implemented, MPs that miss three committee meetings without a good excuse, will be fined R1,000. Those who miss 15 consecutive sessions in the house could lose their seats all together. The new rules are expected to come into effect after elections.

Zille Slams ANC MEC's Record


"Dr Malakoane would be fired," Zille told party members at the announcement of the DA's governance plans for the Free State. Malakoane was arrested in July on charges of corruption and fraud involving about R13 million, with five other people. The charges relate to crimes allegedly committed while Malakoane was the municipal manager at the Matjhabeng local municipality in Welkom. Zille told the gathering the DA had called for Malakoane's suspension.

"It is how do we deliver proper services such as water, sewerage, right through to education and health which was of real quality for all people," she said. Replying to questions, Zille said the DA was now a governing party and not just an opposition party.

She said that compared to the DA's open lists, the ANC had a closed, corruptible system, which mostly looked after the leadership's family and friends.


South Africa is not the land of the rich, we are all beneficiaries it is for those who work for it


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